about cowork 100

cowork100 started as a seed of an idea, a combination of many changes we saw happening all around us. The economy was (and remains) in recession -- people simply could not afford expensive, inflexible office leases. Furthermore, an ever-increasing abundance of talented, educated people were being thrust into this challenging economic environment. However, with crisis comes opportunity. Self-employment in service-based industries increased as entrepreneurship became a viable alternative in the weak job market. Consequently, people were relying more on their social networks to make meaningful business connections. The confluence of these factors pointed us towards the idea of a flexible, affordable, collaborative workspace. What we thought was our own completely novel concept turned out to be (after some Googling) a relatively new but wildly growing phenomenon: coworking.

And so, the nurturing process began. We had a 5,000 square foot space that had historically been used by banks, complete with three functioning vaults built in the 1920's. Our task was to transform this space into a place that would bring people together. It became apparent that we could not take a traditional, inward approach. We took our seed and brought it to our friends. Over many early coffees, long lunches, and late dinners, it slowly began to grow. Capitalizing on our community of friends and peers, we shared the idea and began to answer some of our many questions.

How can we allow people to have private calls without having to step outside? Simple, just build soundproof phone booths. What type of coffee beans will we buy for our members? None of that cheap stuff, it was insisted; we want the best. Great coffee creates great conversation and ultimately a better community experience. So we decided to add our Specialty Espresso Bar complete with a barista so that our members start their day off right.

And most importantly, what the heck will we call the space?

We had originally come up with the acronym "peptUp" to describe the values we wanted to instill: Pushing the Envelope of Professional Thinking: Unlimited Possibilities. People liked the idea but not the name itself. "Sounds too much like an energy drink" was one response. "Seems like it would be a personal trainer or something" was another. We knew that we had more work to do.

After many more attempts, we found a name that people liked: cowork100 - located at 100 North Brand. Creating hundreds of possibilities. Dedicated to helping people achieve one hundred percent of their potential. The rest, as they say, is history.

After a year and a half and much collaboration, we can finally say that our little seed has blossomed into something incredible and we're excited to share it with you. cowork100 was born by the values that we want all our members to embrace: inspiration, collaboration, and challenging the traditional way of doing things. Come join us and revolutionize the way you work.

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